The casino and horse betting industry has been in a downward spiral for the past few years, with revenue and profits dropping each year. 

This has caused many casinos to close their doors, leaving employees without jobs and state governments without the tax revenue they need. 

Casino industry is on the path to financial recovery. A recent study by Goldman Sachs shows that the casino industry will be worth $141 billion by 2023, up from $113 billion in 2018. This growth is being driven by new technology and changing consumer preferences.

The casino industry is on the path to financial recovery

The casino industry is on the path to financial recovery. This month, Vegas bookmakers announced a 15% increase in revenue for June as players continue returning and gamblers find new reasons to invest their money here instead of at other casinos around town or online where they can get more play time without paying higher rates!

Casino revenue is up in 2017

Casino revenue has been on the rise in recent years. 

This can be attributed, at least partly, to more people playing casino games online instead of going out and gambling physically – especially considering how much less expensive it is for an individual who plays from home or their office compared with buying chips at a physical location!

Atlantic City is seeing a resurgence in popularity

There’s a reason that Atlantic City has been getting all the buzz. The Boardwalk and historic structures like Trump Marina are sure to make any visit an unforgettable one, but there is so much more than just fun things for visitors-the beaches offer relaxation with breathtaking views as well!

Las Vegas remains the top casino destination in the world

Visiting Las Vegas is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill of gambling. With over 300 casinos, including some that have been open less than 2 years and others which are more than 40 years old! It’s difficult not find one worth visiting – even if you’re only going on holiday though most visitors end up staying longer than just one day because there really isn’t anywhere else like it around here

Macau is quickly catching up to Las Vegas as a gambling hotspot

Macau, the small Chinese territory that borders on Hong Kong and Singapore has quickly become one of Asia’s most exciting gambling zones. It offers games like craps or blackjack as well other more unique options such its own version of baccarat which features betting chips with numbers instead of letters – it’s quite fascinating!

Macao was handed over by Portugal in 1999 but now hosts an amusement theme park called “Avenida zoológico” ( Avenue Of zoo ) where you can see many different animals including some rare species found nowhere else globally .

Casino operators are looking to expand into new markets

The casino industry is booming. Casino operators are looking to expand into new markets, especially with the rise of online gambling being passed driving interest in brick-and mortar joints rather than just playing video games from your living room or hotel lobby!


The casino industry is on the path to financial recovery. In fact, in 2017 the casino industry is expected to generate $41.68 billion in revenue. This number is only going to continue to grow as casinos become more popular around the world. While there are some challenges that the casino industry faces, it appears that things are looking up for this sector of the economy. If you’re interested in getting into the casino business or want to learn more about what makes casinos successful, keep reading. We’ll explore some of the key factors that have led to the resurgence of casinos and discuss why they remain a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.